Let your dream pool
begin right now!

WaterScapes is owned and operated by its founding member, Mike Shriver. Mike has been in the swimming pool industry since 1990 and has gained significant experience in all phases of the industry. Mike has held management positions at two of the major swimming pool contractors in the valley and operated a high-end custom pool construction firm for over ten years.

With the last economic downturn and recent closures of pool companies, consumer confidence in swimming pool construction firms has continued to decline. More and more homeowners are looking into the idea of building their own swimming pool. The percentage of building permits issued for swimming pools built by homeowners is increasing each year. However, without the proper information and guidance, building your own swimming pool can be just as risky as hiring a contractor. This is where WaterScapes can help. WaterScapes takes away the anxiety of building your own pool.

Turn your backyard
into a delightful paradise!

WaterScapes is a Design and Consulting firm specializing in assisting its clients with building their own swimming pool and backyard oasis. Our detailed construction plans provides each contractor specific information needed to obtain the desired results of the project. WaterScapes offers assistance in obtaining the necessary building permits and HOA approvals. WaterScapes can provide a list of contractors that are known for quality and reliability.

Since its inception in 2011, WaterScapes has assisted multiple clients with creating their own backyard oasis. If you are interested in a new swimming pool, spa and/or landscaping, call Mike at WaterScapes so that you can get your “dream pool” design started today.

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